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The Experience

Woodford County’s 1st Round win at Rupp Arena The biggest stage in Kentucky High School Basketball, the UK Heathcare KHSAA Boys Sweet 16. If you’re from Kentucky then you know the Sweet 16 is something special. Played at historic Rupp Arena where so many greats have shown their skills off

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Prints in the digital world

In this fast paced world, images are presented to us in a flash. Whether it be a billboard, a TV commercial or the litany of images on social media. Our eyes being constant prey of the attention seeker. It really is overwhelming if I’m being completely honest. To me, it

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Allowing time to be creative

Trusting myself on the journey In this fast paced world, we all have gotten used to things being ready in an instant.  As technology advances and information is more readily available from different mediums, our thirst for quick turn around times seems to grow.  I have to remind myself at

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Social Media

The Social Media Delima

This has been a hot topic in the photography community for some time now. How can one stay relevant and ahead of the algorithm on social media platforms? Honest truth is, you can’t. There are literally millions upon millions of people trying to grab attention in a sea of images

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Friday Night Lights in WC

It’s that time of year again in the heart of the Bluegrass! Football is back with the first home game of the season for the Yellow Jackets, tonight at Community Stadium. At 6:41p, we honor the senior football players and their families. This is always a special tribute to recognize

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