Friday Night Lights in WC

It’s that time of year again in the heart of the Bluegrass! Football is back with the first home game of the season for the Yellow Jackets, tonight at Community Stadium. At 6:41p, we honor the senior football players and their families. This is always a special tribute to recognize the senior class, not just for football but for any sport. It represents a culmination of years of effort by both player(s) and families. Don’t forget the coaches because in most cases, they too are considered family for these young men. The collective family has pushed, supported and mentored these athletes, many for a decade or more in some capacity. The road to this point has been filled with blood, sweat, tears, elation and defeat but the support remains. Enjoy the wins but stay humble, dread the losses but learn from them. Some say it’s just a game but life lessons are learned in sport and you can’t convince me otherwise.

I wish all the senior student athletes nothing but the best this season as they continue to work, be role models and finish out their last season. I’ve been covering some of these kids for 2-3 years and it has been a joy to catch some truly amazing moments. Not for my sake but for their sake, for their family’s sake. I’m just a guy with a camera trying to be creative and provide memories for someone. I get excited going through photos I’ve captured because I know the player and family will cherish them for years to come. So to the Football Seniors, soak in the moment tonight as you go through the process and take it as an honor to be recognized because you deserve it.

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