Action Coverage

Thanks for your interest in action coverage for your student athlete!  If you haven’t signed up with me before, here is what you can expect.   I will target your athlete for the duration of the game and deliver a gallery of images for you to download.  You’ll receive a minimum of 30 images but I almost always deliver more.  I also offer various print options during signup.  These prints are archival quality and make great keepsakes for your home.  While digital images are great for sharing, I do recommend getting at least one print.  I promise you won’t regret having a print to look back on.  Previous samples of my work can be found on the home page HERE.

I will only be at games that I’m requested to cover.  Please reach out to me if you’d like coverage so that I can look at the schedule and figure out which games to attend, based on my schedule.   I am extremely busy and my calendar fills up quickly so don’t delay in scheduling or inquiring about coverage.  My business has grown a lot over the last few years so I cannot post season schedules for signups any longer, hence the change to requests only.  Thank you to those who have supported my work over the last few years and new clients who sign up.  I sincerely appreciate it!